I make art for the sake of making; the process is the most important to me. I am occupied by the presence of absence. Through process, I have found myself lost in empty spaces. My ideas come out of the material and I find myself leaning into that form of creating. My work currently varies from installation and sculpture to performance, sometimes existing in between the two. Through every process runs a thread of absence. 

twentyfour is a series of work that has come out of a performance in which I spent twenty-four hours in a small room. It was an attempt to discover what time felt like physically in the absence of any indication of time.

Places is a series of installations, one inspired by the other, made up of small vessels of empty space. My process is meditative in its repetition. The forms begin to shape themselves from muscle memory. The process creates a space for self-reflection and the work is informed by the absence of both something and someone.

And They All is a collection of cubes formed from clay which fall somewhere in the middle of installation and performance. I stack the cubes into towers, starting a new tower after each one falls. The performance is about persistence; fighting against inevitable failure. When I remove myself, the cubes become an installation of objects for time to manipulate. Found Me is a second continuation of the life of the cubes after the And They All has come to an end. I sent the cubes out into the world to be found and moved in an effort to leave a small indestructible trace of myself in the world.

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