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Grace June, owner of Grace June Imagery has been pursuing photography since 2012. She received a technical degree in photography from Spokane Falls Community College in 2016. Grace is passionate about mental health recovery and has made an effort in her art practice to highlight contemporary mental health issues. Grace has an ongoing series of self-portraits that began in 2013 related to her own mental health recovery. Her self-portraits have been shown nationally and internationally.

In 2018, Grace was awarded a SAGA grant through Spokane Arts to work on the Survive project, a series about suicide survivors in Spokane, Washington. Survivors are people who either attempted suicide and lived, or those who lost someone to suicide. The series was completed in August 2018, and will be shown in Spokane over 2018 and 2019.

In 2017 and 2018, Grace went back to her hometown of Skagway, Alaska and did several different series as well as some commercial work for local businesses. Grace loves where she grew up and has shown work from her Alaska series around the Pacific Northwest. Works from that series are available for purchase at bit.ly/alaska1718.

Grace loves being a member of Richmond Art Collective and plans to continue engaging with the arts in Spokane while building her business and networking with fellow creative people in a variety of projects.


To see Grace June's professional and fine art work, follow this link: www.gracejuneimagery.com