Brian Deemy


Flesh is Flesh

A series on the common human denominator


Sex and gender are an illusion,

 a construct, a performance:

 Desire is infinite

 and needs no labels,

 flesh is flesh.”


                                                                                                                    -Brittany Markert


The idea behind this body of work is not a complex one, people are people. The things which we divide people by are artifices, constructs. This series seeks to symbolically strip away those artifices and exemplify how we are the same, not different. 

It was important for me to make a body of work that was celebratory, something enjoyable for those who approach it. I didn't want to address sexuality by focusing in on what is problematic to date. Rather I wanted to make something we can gather around enjoy, evoke a smile. Art serves to comfort the afflicted after all.  

On the Process

The process by which these images are made is a mix of traditional and non traditional darkroom practice. The images are shot in studio on black and white 4x5 film and standardly developed. The printing process then deviates from tradition, I selectively develop the prints by brush rather than placing them in a tray of developer. This results in an individual print with unique qualities from any other print made from the same negative. 

It is important for me to work in methods that require a substantial amount of work for the medium of photography. Copies time spent making the images is copies time spent reflecting on the ideas that drive the work. 

Project Benefit

Most of my work to date has explored more broad subjects, either conceptually or through the exploration of a medium. In working with a subject that is socially and politically motivated it was a necessity to me that the project seek to serve some real benefit. 

Thus, all profits from sales from this series will go to organizations that serve a similar purpose.


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