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Amanda Caldwell was born in Spokane Washington and has been painting since 2016. Heavily reliant upon public transportation to get to school as a child, she continued her reliance upon that system and others like it, as she passed through the public-school system, and on to higher education at Eastern Washington University where she graduated from the Bachelor of Fine Arts program with Honors Cum Laude, in 2018.

Inclined toward life sciences and evolutionary psychology, Caldwell developed an interest in observing psychological and spatial interpretations of reality in public places and its connection to how people behave and interact with their environments. She holds the belief that her dependence upon metro-systems throughout her life has played a significant role in shaping the way she thinks and processes information, as well as fostering her creative development throughout her life experience.

Amanda Caldwell is an artist who uses pictorial and intuitive geometric abstraction to create an idiosyncratically unique language.  Her most current works are constructed environments provoking a dialogue surrounding interpretations of how memories form as a result of individualized spatial and emotional distortions of reality. The paintings record aspects of interactions with the systems weaved into the fabric of urban environments and basic living elements such as housing, communication, and transportation. Referencing digital images accompanied by physical and mental processes, the work suggests a cohesiveness between observation and interpretation. The bones of the composition refer to exterior architectural forms, while the colorful content reflects the highly individualized internal realities of those who live a life shaped by the parameters of such systems.